But, Deuteronomy!

If Transmogrify is an action or process Transmogrifite is the outcome or end result of them.

So why do I need my own label? What's wrong with the avilable choices? Am I something special or unique?

I don't think I am spectacularly special or even all that unique. As far as labels go one that's come up lately "Non-Binary" would work well enough. Most of the available label choices are close but just not quite a match and they pinch like a pair of shoes that's one smidge too small. Some of the adopters of the lablels are very territorial and like to remind it what it's not!

Transgender is supposed to be an umbrella term covering a lot of territory. It covers anything from a closeted Transvestite who wears a single item of traditional women's clothing to fully transitioned Transsexul Woman or more appropriately simply a Woman. In practice and in legal use the trend seems to be using Transgender or Trans as a softer more easily digestible form of Transsexual. Some would reclaim it as an exclusionary term and tell it that it's not Trans enough.

Of the lablels in the spectrum Transvestite is the closest match but still just doesn't fit. Male, check. Dresses, skirts and shoes, check. Wigs, forms and more makeup than nail polish or the occasional lipstick, check fail, not TV enough. Desire to be seen as and treated like or pass as a woman, EPIC FAIL! Not even a goal! Feminine name, Helga von Schuttentrapp. Okay well Helga isn't even an alias but more a smack at those who insist a dress has to come with a girls name too.

Calvin and Hobbes routinely went through a "transmogrifier" and came out as they wished. In a Stephen King book there was mentioned the "First Pogrom to end humanity" and when one of the protagonists asked the antagonist what it was the response was "Pogromite" followed by "terminate." (In my head the voice of the Pogromite sounded like the 1980's Dalek "Exterminate!"

So not being trans enough for vestite, and knowing Transsexual is not my path I've assembled the most important pieces of the labels rather than accepting them as whole all or nothing options. Trans (a nod to the community) + Mogrifite (a nod to me.)